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60+ skins! 

  • Riot Blitzcrank!
  • Arcade Hecarim!
  • New: Arctic Ops Varus!
  • The unreleased RIOT WARD SKIN: "Fistbump"

Will have official giveaway reblog with prize amount determined by the reblog count of this post within the next 24 hours!

Will work on all servers 

"You see, I’m sure we can change. Because we’re weak. And because we die. We have to fight in order to live, and that’s what will make us strong."

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Que grima, me ha recordado a la transformación del capítulo de The Empty Child…



Mermaid Strawhats! God bless Syb La Tortue foor making this, they’re so perfect :D

Shark Zoro! <3

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if i had xy right now i wouldnt be drawing yveltal id be kissing it

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